The Talk 2.0 – Healthcare Directives and Funeral Pre-planning Go Hand in Hand

Anne speaking

Directives Matter

Meet one of our friends and favorite speakers on the subject of Healthcare Directives, Anne Elizabeth Denny. Anne is the author of My Voice, My Choice: A Practical Guide to Writing a Meaningful Healthcare Directive  Her book makes the process of writing and communicating a healthcare directive approachable for everyone. She educates and inspires families to prepare for end-of-life decisions so they can experience greater peace of mind throughout the journey.

In her most recent blog post, Anne highlights 7 reasons why writing your healthcare directive matters to your family. Anne’s web site and blog posts will help you and your family to plan well, live well, and most especially—to finish well.

Pre Planning – Your way

“How do you want to be remembered?” That is the question Foreverence inspires families to contemplate. Both Cremation and Preplanning services are on the rise. Provide a completely personal experience for your customers with an urn or keepsake as unique as the individual it represents.

Just about every urn manufacturer calls their product “custom” but they are all some version of a vase or a box. Our discerning clients want “personal”. Foreverence gave us an opportunity to keep the conversation focused on legacy by offering an individually designed item made at time-of-need or at the pre-planning stage.   – Miami Funeral Director

Below is an excellent story about one of our preplanning clients:

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